Houston Marketing Firm Success Stories

At Brand Tackle, our job is to help clients set and achieve their marketing and communications objectives every single day. On some days, clients have a very specific tactic (or task) they want completed and we deliver exactly what they need. On most days, we’re helping clients build brands and solve complex challenges – where there’s no clear path to success. We love this business because no two days are the same. Here are just a few of our favorite client testimonials. 

"Thank you guys so much for all of your help and bringing our vision for this to life and exceeding every single expectation!"
Client: Pipeline Equipment Manufacturer, Marketing Director, Houston, Texas

"You guys rock. Thank you."
Client: Industrial Manufacturer, CEO, Houston, Texas

"Thanks so much for the impressively quick response. I appreciate it."
Client: National Healthcare Provider, Clinical Director, Dallas, Texas

"Absolutely incredible! You guys are simply the best. I can't thank you enough for all you are doing for us."
Client: Environmental Equipment Manufacturer, Business Development Manager, Houston, Texas

"Thank you! Always appreciate your assistance and awesome service… YOU ROCK!!"
Client: National Healthcare Provider, Clinical Director, USA

"Thanks guys, you never disappoint!"
Client: National Healthcare Group, Phoenix, Arizona

"You guys are the BOMB.com. Everything is looking really great. I appreciate everything you did for us!!"
Client: Industrial Chemicals Manufacturer and Distributor, Houston, Texas

“Thank you for providing such quality and creative designs! You make us look good and we very much appreciate it. I know both Mary and Geoffe, the new incoming President and Executive Director, are very happy with the theme design. You nailed it again!”
Client: National Industry Trade Show Organization, Houston, Texas

“Talk about a super tough decision. You guys did a fantastic job on these logos and I could really go with 6 and be very happy! I decided to go with logo #1.”
Client: Professional Services Company, Houston Texas

“You guys did an amazing job with our new website! With the old website, 75% of the calls that came in were for more information. Today, 90% of the inquiries that come in are ready to get a proposal started. The content, structure and quality of our new website has helped our customers really understand what we do and now they are just ready to take action!”
Client: Industrial Manufacturing Company, Houston Texas

“You really pulled our feet out of the fire. We completely overlooked the fact that we had missed our window with the booth company to prepare trade show graphics. You didn’t complain at all. You just went to work and the graphics turned out incredible. The best part is that you understood our company so well that you didn’t even need any input from us! You just did it.”
Client: Global Industrial Services Company, Houston, Texas

“Our company brand was a total mess when we met Brand Tackle. Your strategic planning and message platform process helped us immensely. After you presented your recommendations, we were all bouncing off of the walls. That level of excitement about marketing hasn’t been achieved in years!”
Client: National Healthcare Services Company, Houston, Texas

“The logos you presented were all completely awesome – and all of them totally work with our new branding initiative. I wish there weren’t so many to choose from! You made me look really great to my bosses. Thank you!”
Client: Global Oilfield Services Company, Houston, Texas

“These ad concepts are really outstanding. My favorite part of the year is when Brand Tackle reveals our new ad campaigns. I don’t know how you guys top yourselves every year.”
Client: Global Oilfield Services Company, Houston, Texas

“Our new literature system is spot on. Our favorite part is that we look like a real company now. I’m finally proud to sit across the desk with a prospect and hand these out. Who said literature is dead?”
Client: Global Commodities Inspection Company, Houston, Texas

“When you said you did search engine optimization (SEO), you weren’t kidding. Not only do we own the first several spots on Google, but we’re coming up on all kinds of ancillary search terms that we didn’t even know we needed. Our website stats are better than we could ever have imagined!”
Client: Gulf Coast Industrial Equipment Provider, Houston, Texas

“The new taglines are all terrific. I am really glad we partnered with Brand Tackle for strategic planning. You make it so easy and it’s a real pleasure to work with you guys every day.”
Client: Global Energy Company, Houston, Texas

*The names have been removed to protect the innocent.

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