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Houston search engine marketingOnce your website is built and online for the world to see, the work never truly stops. While it is important to set up your initial website as intuitively and accurately as possible, you should always be optimizing your website to maximize performance. After all, you are in business to generate and realize revenue and getting found in search results will aid in that endeavor. At Brand Tackle, we have Google-certified experts who can help you navigate the fast moving waters of search engine marketing and management

Building, maintaining and evolving the right website for your brand is a critical step in growing your company. In many cases, it is the first place most prospects and customers go to learn about your company and form opinions about your brand. A powerful website generates confidence, builds credibility, creates preference and helps customers compare your products and services to your competition.

At Brand Tackle, we help clients with several key services to ensure the best overall website experience for our clients and their target audience groups. Starting with a SEO-friendly build process, we can help you gain the most value out of your website investments.

  • Search engine optimization – planning and execution
  • Keyword list development
  • Content development
  • Analytical reporting
  • Ongoing performance improvement and maintenance
  • Paid Google AdWords programs (AdWords search term, display & remarketing programs)

Houston Search Engine Management Services

Brand Tackle has a proven process of SEO program planning, implementation and management for its clients. 


Following are a few more details on how we help our clients navigate the complex world of search engine marketing.  

Current Channels & Materials Audit

Brand Tackle will identify existing marketing communications tactics, touch points, programs and materials and create a snapshot of all materials to determine the state of the brand across all audience groups. Input will include the following: website, sales materials, promotional messaging, presentations, advertising and employee communications.

Aspirational Branding

Brand Tackle will help align key messages and differentiators with each target group. This includes products, geographies, demographics, customer segmentation and more. We will help to identify what messages are we currently promoting on existing channels and where can we find the gaps/opportunities to gain new leads and market share.

Target Audience Segmentation

We help you create a matrix of all target audience groups by audience type, customer type, industry segment, geography, etc.

SEO Benchmarking: Organic Review

Using the target audience segmentation matrix, we create a list of keyword phrases to benchmark and monitor. While there is potentially a high degree of competitive pressure in your industry segment, there will be creative opportunities to fill in gaps and create new opportunities based on consumer search behavior. It's both an art and science together. 

Implementation: Organic

Based on benchmarking results and aspirational branding strategies, we'll recommend the right mix of keyword phrases to achieve desired goals and objectives. In addition, Brand Tackle will make recommendation on implementation strategies, tactics and content based around targeted keyword phrases. The goal is to get found under relevant search terms organically. 

Paid Review and Audit

We utilize a keyword manifest to identify additional keywords, messaging and creative to create a profile of existing competition and identify new opportunities to supplement the current website with new content and found keyword phrases. 

Ongoing Maintenance

In additional to manual oversight and adjustment, Brand Tackle will utilize sophisticated SEO software to monitor website traffic and competitive activity to determine ways to optimize the website to increase leads and keyword ranking. This includes regular reporting, content planning and identification for new pages and/or existing page updates. Brand Tackle uses a healthy mix of automation tools and human oversight to make sure the program gets and stays on track from the outset. 

Paid AdWords Programs

As a certified Google AdWords Search Term and certified Google AdWords Display program agency, Brand Tackle can help your company supplement your organic SEO performance with powerful paid Google AdWords programs. These pay-per-click (PPC) advertising tactics will help to generate more quality leads to your website and help you build market share growth, increased revenue and maximum return on your overall marketing programs. Paid programs are a nice way to supplement organic results.

Organic SEO Case Studies

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SEO is both an art form and a science all put together.