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Houston website designIn today’s world, it’s important to have the right website as a foundation for your brand. For most companies, it’s the first place that target audiences go to learn about products and services. More than just a repository of information, or a digital brochure, your website can be your 24/7 representative across the globe. At Brand Tackle, we have a proven process in place so that your new website project is completed quickly and painlessly.

At Brand Tackle, we have helped scores of companies create the right website presence. We work hard with clients to understand the proper website architecture to tell your story visually and through relevant content that performs well in web searches (SEO, or search engine optimization). We pay attention to the user experience and make sure that the content is served logically to help customers and prospects find what they need quickly and easily.

When it comes to today’s website technologies, we’ve got you covered. In addition to reliable hosting services, security and back up services, and complete turn-key website project management at every stage of the process, Brand Tackle can build your new website in HTML or in a number of CMS systems (open CMS and proprietary CMS systems depending on the technical requirements and necessary integrations to company systems). If you’re interested in Sitefinity, Joomla!, WordPress or Concrete5, we can find the right CMS system to fit your needs. Plus, all of our websites are completely responsive – meaning that our code seamlessly moves from desktop to tablet to mobile device without any additional effort (by the client or the user). Finally, we have the ability to integrate with sales automation tools, CRM systems, as well as other backend systems, to streamline data and support your marketing efforts with a variety of solutions.

Brand Tackle also offers Houston Search Engine Marketing Services and Houston Search Engine Management Services.

Houston Website Design & Build FAQs

How long does it take to build a website?

In order to build a high-quality website that looks great, performs seamlessly and works hard to build your company’s brand, there are many components that can affect the schedule. At Brand Tackle, we have a proven process in place so that your new website project is completed quickly and painlessly. That’s all good, but how long does it take? After our initial assessment and requirements planning is complete, we’ll commit to a go-live date together. Some considerations that can affect the schedule include: size of the site (number of pages), technology requirements, custom programming (if any), copy content, photography content, client review process and more. Depending on the complexity of the site, most websites can be completed in 30 to 60 days. We’ve developed simple sites in as few as 15 days (or less but we don’t like to talk about it) and our team has delivered enormous sites in 90+ days. Ultimately it depends on what the website needs to be – to ensure your new website performs exactly as intended.

How much does a website cost?

Every website project we tackle starts with a thorough scoping process, approved sitemap and content review. All of that goes into our formal project estimate, which is approved prior to the start of the project. So how much does a website cost? Let’s put it another way. How much does a house cost? It depends on where the house is located (on a beach in California or in the middle of Kansas), the square footage, the total number of rooms, the materials used to build it, plus all of the contents of the house (is there a Picasso in every room or something you picked up from a local artist) and so on. The short answer is that website budgets can vary greatly. The good news is that Brand Tackle will provide you with a free estimate and you can decide for yourself. Oh, and we’ve yet to build a website that costs as much as a house.

Do you actually create the content for my new website or do I have to provide it to you?

If you have existing content (copy, photography, illustrations) that makes sense for the new site, we’ll be glad to use it. Or if you have base content that needs to be edited, we’ll do that for you as well. In most cases, clients will have some starter content and Brand Tackle will edit that content in addition to providing new content for brand new pages in the site (that didn’t exist in the current site). Of course, if you want to start from scratch, we can certainly handle that for you. We’ll set up meetings with your key stakeholders, review your competitive landscape and create the site from the ground up. We have professional copywriters on staff that are ready to tell your story, build your brand and bring life to your website.

What if I don’t actually have a website address – can you get one for me?

We secure URLs for clients all the time. Whether you need us to provide you with creative options of available web addresses or purchase an existing URL, we can help. We’ll manage the entire process so that you won’t lose any sleep at night.

Do you host websites?

Yes. Our hosting is secure, reliable and affordable. Your IT group will likely want us to provide you with all of the nitty gritty details, which we’ll be glad to do, but that’s the short answer.

Once my website is live, who makes website content updates? My team or yours?

Whatever works best for you. Whether or not your new site is built in a CMS system, we can help you with as much or as little website maintenance as necessary. We will scale to meet your exact needs.

I need multiple languages on my website, can you handle that?

Si. Et oui. We partner with a leading translation company in New York that helps us translate client content in any language required. And our technology platforms will support multi-language websites. No problemo.

Do I pick from website templates or do you design each website from scratch?

99% of our websites are designed and built to meet the needs of each client. In rare cases when we need to build temporary sites at a low budget, we can customize a template for you.

I just need a simple site. Can that be done?

Yes, we have plenty of clients who start with a simple site. That said, we’ll still go through a requirement planning and estimate process to make sure your new website achieves exactly what you want to accomplish – and give you a web presence that you’ll be proud to share.

How do you start a website project?

The best way to start a website project is to pick up the phone and call us. We’ll review your current site, or talk about your needs, and provide you with an estimate. For more involved websites (larger projects with complex features and deep content needs), we’ll come out to your office and visit with no obligation. If everything sounds good to you, we’ll get to work.

Let Brand Tackle design, build, deploy and manage your website today. Let’s start the conversation.

Website Content Management Systems & Development Platforms

At Brand Tackle, we utilize the latest platforms (both proprietary and open-source) for developing responsive websites. Some examples include:



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