Marketing Programs & Strategic Planning

Houston Marketing Strategic PlanningWhether your organization has done all of the strategic planning, or you need some guidance, Brand Tackle can help you build your company’s positioning and brand. If you need a full-blown marketing communications plan or just some strategic marketing support, we're able to step in where it makes the most sense for your organization.  

Brand Tackle gives clients the flexibility to engage with us as much, or as little, as required to get the job done. All you need to do is tell us what you're fishing (or hunting) for and we'll take care of the rest. As your marketing outfitter, we'll give you all of the necessary tools to make sure the journey is as rewarding and enjoyable as possible.

Strategic Marketing Planning & Brand Development

We are here to help you succeed at every stage of your brand. Whether you are a start-up, a market leader, or somewhere in between, we can help guide you along the way. No matter if you buy into a proven Marketing Acceleration Process (MAP), or if you just need a la carte support, here are a few deliverables we offer:

  • Marketing, marketing communications plans
  • Tactical marketing calendars
  • Target audience definitions
  • Brand message platforms
  • Customer segmentation
  • Brand & competitive audits
  • Budget development
  • New product roll-outs & brand launches
  • Media & PR plans
  • “We have no idea what we're doing” support
  • “We are up a creek without a paddle and just need some help” support
  • “Our current Agency has really messed everything up” support and counseling
  • And much more!

At Brand Tackle, we listen to everything you say about your brand. We immerse ourselves into your competition and we find the nuggets that help differentiate your products/services and tell a great story. The real story. One that you can live up to – and one that your prospects and customers can believe.

We're practical enough to make sure we can re-purpose all of your content across everything you do so that we build brand consistency. It also makes everyone's job easier at a tactical level. From creating the right elevator pitch to ad copy that sings to direct copy that moves people to act, let Brand Tackle be your resource for developing the right message platform.

Building Awareness & Generating Leads

From advertising to direct marketing to events, let Brand Tackle help you find and convert the most prospects. Our consultative approach to marketing programs ensures that we have a plan before the first hook is baited and before the first line is cast.

Sales Support

How do you sell? What does your organization need to close big deals? At Brand Tackle, we believe that there shouldn't be a division between sales and marketing. They should exist to support each other. Not that we're always sitting around the campfire singing Cumbaya... We take the time to see how you're currently selling, and give you the best ammunition to turn cold leads into warm leads – and warm leads into customers. In other words, we figure out the best ways for you to fill up your ice chest and call it a successful day.

Marketing Acceleration Process (MAP)

After 25+ years of helping clients with marketing planning, strategic visioning and message platform development, Brand Tackle has created a proven way to help define and accelerate our clients’ brands through our proprietary Marketing Acceleration Process, or MAPTM.  Our methodology is a roadmap for brand planning and marketing success that has been specifically designed for business-to-business companies and organizations. The MAP process has evolved over the years so that it's not just a body of theory, but a process that is based in real-world experience helping our clients acheive results. 

brand_tackle_marketing_brochure_2020.jpgThe MAP starts with engagement, pre-planning and immersion into your existing brand and your competitive environment. After that work is completed, Brand Tackle will facilitate a MAP session at your office – where we will spend ½ to a full day with key stakeholders in your organization. During this session, moderated by our leadership team, we will take a 360-degree view of your brand, your objectives, past strategies, challenges, market drivers, target audience groups and much more. Upon completion, we will present our MAP deliverables, which includes a comprehensive target audience definition and segmentation, message platform, brand story, elevator pitch, creative themes and an actionable marketing calendar. For more information on this process, we’ll be happy to send you our MAP brochure for review. Just mention it in your note on our contact page. If you’re ready to engage in marketing planning at any level, we’re ready to start the conversation.

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Our full line of professional Houston marketing firm services includes:

  • Strategic planning & brand development
  • Message development
  • Building awareness & generating Leads
  • Sales support & sales presentations, PowerPoint and custom
  • Advertising
    • Print
    • Digital/banners
    • Google AdWords: search term, remarketing, managed placement
    • Outdoor
  • Direct marketing
    • New customer acquisition, customer retention & growth, key account acquisition, awareness, lead generation, trade show/event support, product launches
  • Collateral & brochures
    • Capabilities/product brochures, specification sheets, sales support, FAQs, white papers, testimonials & case histories
  • Websites & digital media
  • Trade shows & events
  • Logos, corporate ID, branding
  • Custom illustrations & photography
  • Annual reports
  • Corporate videos & YouTube content
  • And more!

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