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Founded in January 2012, Brand Tackle is a Houston-based, full-service marketing firm and advertising agency that exists to help clients get more out of the time, resources and money they invest in achieving their marketing and marketing communications objectives. We’re a team of problem-solvers, marketers, artists and leading business professionals who have the experience, talent and drive to get things done. 

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Whether you love your job, like your job or are maybe even a little indifferent about your job – you do have a reason to come in to work every day. You’re either passionate about what you do or motivated by what you get for doing your job. You are looking for a Houston marketing firm that makes you more successful at what you’re trying to achieve. There is value in working with a company that has the experience to quickly identify what you need and help you get to where you need to go. At Brand Tackle, we’re ready to help.

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As a leader in business-to-business marketing and advertising, with vast experience across multiple industries, the Brand Tackle firm exists to helps clients achieve the results they are fishing for – building and growing brands in any waters.

Let Brand Tackle partner with you to become your guide service for marketing. We have the tools, experience, skills and resources to help you set and achieve your marketing and advertising objectives. Let's start the conversation

Houston marketing agency creative pills SINGLE DOSE OF CREATIVE PILLS ADMINISTERED AT 2:00PM DAILY.

We'd love to share our stories with you. We won't bug you too much, maybe once a month at most. And, we keep your information confidential.

In fact, we like to think marketing is like going fishing. And frankly, that’s a little more fun for everyone.

Our full line of professional Houston marketing firm services includes:

  • Strategic planning & brand development
  • Message development
  • Building awareness & generating Leads
  • Sales support & sales presentations, PowerPoint and custom
  • Advertising
    • Print
    • Digital/banners
    • Google AdWords: search term, remarketing, managed placement
    • Outdoor
  • Direct marketing
    • New customer acquisition, customer retention & growth, key account acquisition, awareness, lead generation, trade show/event support, product launches
  • Collateral & brochures
    • Capabilities/product brochures, specification sheets, sales support, FAQs, white papers, testimonials & case histories
  • Websites & digital media
  • Trade shows & events
  • Logos, corporate ID, branding
  • Custom illustrations & photography
  • Annual reports
  • Corporate videos & YouTube content
  • And more!

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