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Houston logo design is one of the most common and competitive search terms for Houston marketing firms, Houston graphic designers and Houston advertising agencies. Often, start-up companies, or companies involved in a rebranding process, can’t wait to see their new corporate logo. After all, a new logo makes their company “real” – a tangible element that is found in all future marketing activities. 

While there are thousands of Houston logo designers who can create a custom logo for your brand, it’s important to work with a logo design team who will help you capture exactly what you need for both short and long-term success.

Brand Tackle is highly-skilled at corporate identity and rebranding, having successfully partnered with companies in the Houston, Texas area for many years. Whether it’s a new corporate logo, or an updated logo that fits in a rebranding process, the fundamentals are similar. The first step in proper logo development and branding is our brand immersion process. This includes a comprehensive review of your company’s products and services, key differentiators, target audiences, competitive landscape, existing brand equity, opportunities and threats, marketing objectives and much more.

After we have a full snapshot of your company’s brand, relative to your competition, we work hard to create a new logo and build the right brand that is accurate, effective and sustainable for long-term growth. Branding, or rebranding, isn’t something that your organization should take lightly. It’s not something that happens every year, or every time you switch marketing or advertising partners. We don’t recommend rebranding for the sake of rebranding. Brand equity is a valuable asset – and we work with each client to reclaim, capture and take advantage of every opportunity to develop, nurture and grow that asset for you.

If you need a new logo design and you’re ready to work with a team of artists who can design the right logo to support your new brand, we’re ready to go to work for you. Let's start the conversation today.

It’s important to work with a logo design team who will help you capture exactly what you need for both short and long-term success.

Our Houston marketing agency services include:

  • Strategic planning & brand development
  • Message development
  • Building awareness & generating Leads
  • Sales support & sales presentations, PowerPoint and custom
  • Advertising
    • Print
    • Digital/banners
    • Google AdWords: search term, remarketing, managed placement
    • Outdoor
  • Direct marketing
    • New customer acquisition, customer retention & growth, key account acquisition, awareness, lead generation, trade show/event support, product launches
  • Collateral & brochures
    • Capabilities/product brochures, specification sheets, sales support, FAQs, white papers, testimonials & case histories
  • Websites & digital media
  • Trade shows & events
  • Logos, corporate ID, branding
  • Custom illustrations & photography
  • Annual reports
  • Corporate videos & YouTube content
  • And more!

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