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Houston Intranet Development

Creating a company intranet improves efficiencies, promotes internal communications and provides document security. Let Brand Tackle help you build a password-protected site to save and share content, facilitate collaboration and enable your employees to self-serve for important company documents and files.

Intranets can be described as an “internal” or “private” website that is password-protected and completely secure – the content is meant for company/organization employees only. Brand Tackle plans, develops and builds custom intranets – enabling companies to create online communities, share resources, improve internal communications, enhance workflow and much more.

A properly-planned and well-organized intranet is a valuable asset – potentially saving thousands of hours annually (or more). This time savings varies by company size, but it isn’t a giant leap to understand how these efficiencies can quickly turn into real dollars.

Once your company adopts the new intranet application, you’ll immediately have a foundation to promote company values, disperse information, improve safety and training, open communications channels and build your internal brand. If you already have a poor-performing intranet with old content, broken links and a bad reputation, we’ll be glad to help you design and build the right intranet for you.

What can you put on your intranet? Whatever you want employees to see, use or share. While every intranet we build is customized to meet your specific needs, following are a few common elements that companies find useful:

Forms & Documents

Human Resources

Information Technology


If you would like to learn more about how a well-designed and organized intranet can help your organization save time and money, please contact us today.

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